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Liquid extracts / Hydrophilic Concentrates (HC)


We distinguish:

  • Hydrophilic Concentrates (analyzed and standardized)
  • Syrups

Hydrophilic Concentrates (analyzed and standardized)

A modern, highly active, very safe and enjoyable product is the hydrophilic concentrate. This preparation is derived by infusing the herb in a mixture of alcohol and water, to which glycerin is added later and the alcohol is evaporated. Although the extraction is used as an alcohol/water extraction, there is no longer any alcohol in the final product.

The HC is a high qualified product and so contains specific alcohol-soluble substances but no alcohol, which is exceptional for a liquid extract. This is probably the reason that results are made with a seemingly small dose. This makes this product not only very effective, but also pleasant to use, which is particularly important for children and for people who cannot tolerate alcohol. These HC’s are produced in the Belgian laboratory Conforma and prepared according international GMP standards, under direction and responsibility of an industrial pharmacist. This company has a very good reputation as a producer of plant extracts for more than half a century. These concentrates are characterized by a very high and constant level of active substances (herb: hydrophilic concentrate = 1: 5). A strict quality control is assured from the raw material to the finished product and a constant in-process control during the preparation. The shelf life is three years.



Syrups are good carriers for liquid extracts and/or volatile oils. They make it very easy to take. Our vials contain 200 milliliters; the shelf life is two years. For those who may not have sugar there is also sugar-free syrup.